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2005 NCSD Topical Meeting


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SCALE workshop/training

3-D Monte Carlo Depletion with KENO in SCALE 5.1
Thursday 1:00-5:00PM

Increasing complexity in reactor designs, evolutionary concepts, and non-reactor applications such as safeguards, security, and nonproliferation, is beginning to require robust geometrical modeling capabilities to capture neutron transport for complex configurations. Monte Carlo transport methods offer the type of flexibility needed for such applications but will present other difficulties not encountered in deterministic transport methods. Code sequences have been developed using the KENO V.a and KENO-VI Monte Carlo transport codes in SCALE to perform Monte Carlo-based depletion. Use of these new code sequences will be discussed in detail.

Enhanced Resonance Self-Shielding in SCALE 5.1
Friday 8:00-12:00AM

SCALE resonance processing capabilities have recently been expanded. Systems that employ doubly-heterogeneous fuel types can now be modeled within the user-friendly sequences CSAS, CSAS6, and TRITON. In addition, an inverse Dancoff calculation method has been implemented. This method allows calculation of a pitch for a uniform lattice given the Dancoff factor of a non-uniform lattice. The inverse Dancoff feature is useful in determining the pitch to be used in non-uniform lattice cell calculations in CENTRM that preserves the Dancoff factor. Theory and use of these new features will be discussed.

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